Viking NFT

Here at Viking Swap we are constantly innovating to try and introduce new ways in order to bring value to our fellow Warriors, and to keep the value of VIKING soaring to Valhalla (as it rightly should).

Warriors will have the option to trade in their VIKING tokens for a NFT representing a randomly generated Viking Fighter Token (VFT)! Currently, these VFTs will come in 3 rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic, with potential further levels to be introduced later down the line (Legendary Vikings!? Did somebody say Ragn...)

Why would I voluntarily trade in my hard earned VIKING you might ask? Good question! First, our VFTs are awesome! Check 'em out:

Second, we're putting plans in place for you Warriors to be able to trade your VFTs on a secondary market. Additionally, our developers are working on a method in which your VFTs will actually help you in generating additional VIKINGs (they're fighting for you so why shouldn't they?)

Overall this creates an additional burn mechanism to our eco-system that not only adds real-world value to our Warriors, but also keeps the value of VIKING soaring to Valhalla! Stay tuned!

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